The land of spectacular contrasts, Botswana’s natural wonders range from the vast salt pans of the Makgadikgadi, featuring its granite outcrops as well as twisted baobabs, into the sandy plains of the Kalahari as well as the lush oasis of the Okavango Delta. Huge elephant herds sprinkle and spray on the cool waters of the Chobe River as well as an annual migration of zebra meanders throughout the Linyanti and Savute. The rock paintings in the San Bushmen live untouched on the Tsodilo Hills, while their lifestyle carries on undisturbed on the distant Kalahari.


No place in the world could you float between reeded channels in the dugout canoe while surrounding you antelope splash through very clear water. Yet Botswana also provides fantastic land-based game watching. The Chobe National Park hosts the world’s largest herds of elephant and provides frequent viewings of predators, as well as rare and endangered creatures. There will be something for everybody in Botswana – photographers will search for the star beauty of the Kalahari Desert as well as birdwatchers will head into the Moremi Game Reserve.

What you should expect on safari in Botswana

Having its distant wildlife regions and huge stretches of sparsely inhabited land, the Botswana safari tour is certainly a different experience than the usual safari in other places in Africa. Whether on the wide areas of the Kalahari Desert as well as the Makgadikgadi Pans or among the network of channels and lagoons on the Okavango Delta Botswana, the landscape is unique. The pace of safari is milder, with time spent going slower and experiencing the smaller details. Wildlife viewings might not be as regular as over a South African safari or perhaps in East Africa however they are more exclusive, frequently only shared with those found on the safari vehicle.


Botswana is definitely an exclusive safari destination and tourism is firmly controlled. Consequently, costs may seem greater than somewhere else in Africa, however the experience is unfailingly of a good quality, in most cases on very remote and untouched regions. The most amazing locations in Botswana can just be arrived at by light aircraft, that also affects the price of your safari, even though it boosts the experience.

Camps and lodges on the Okavango Delta are usually positioned on private concessions. Which means that visitors could take part in a broader range of activities, such as game drives, nature walks, boating activities or trips found in traditional canoes referred to as mokoro. On places where lodges can easily be accessed by land game drives could proceed at night, providing a glimpse of the night time activities of Botswana’s wildlife.

Lodges on the more distant regions of Botswana don’t have electricity and depend on generator power for lights and refrigeration. Generators might sometimes be turned off during the night, meaning that air conditioning might not function during this period. In case you have any medical requirements which call for a 24-hour electricity supply, the majority of lodges can oblige, except for a few tented camps or mobile operations.

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